A Little About Me .....

         I was born Josette Williams, to a Trinidadian mother and a Guyanese father. My mother, Wendy, was a banker for more than 30 years, and my father was a Master Mariner for even longer. They raised my brothers, sister, and I on a middle-class combined income and ensured that we were never without our basic necessities. They were also able to pay for each of us to receive tertiary education degrees debt-free, and are now happily retired on our island paradise, Trinidad in one of the homes that they own (no mortgage). They have the finances and freedom to travel the world, and have visited many places that most people may never see in their lifetime. What better role models could I have had?

       But that's their story... mine is a little less glamorous. I squandered several opportunities to achieve my childhood dreams of becoming a doctor. I had my first daughter while still in college working on my first degree, married young, and made some questionable financial decisions. However, as a result of my mother's constant guidance, as well as my own desire to become financially independent, I am finally on track to pay for my children's college expenses without accruing debt, as well as to retire with enough income to have CHOICES.  What choices? Any choices. 

        Does that mean that I am suddenly wealthy? No. However, I am making conscious decisions daily that increase my chances of achieving my new grownup dream of financial independence and freedom. This blog is my contribution to other women that may be in the same position that I was, and can benefit from a few doses of sisterly advice. I look forward to getting to know each and every person that joins this community. 

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